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All persons staying at Treasure Island Caravan Park accept and agree to the following terms and conditions.

1. Deposits

a. All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferrable.
b. A booking is not confirmed and guaranteed until a deposit is paid.
c. All deposits are to be paid within 5 days of booking being placed. Bookings that do not have a deposit paid will be cancelled without notice after this period.
d. Although customers may request specific sites, the proprietor reserves the right to have the final say on site allocation. We will do our best to accommodate site requests however these may be adjusted at any time to accommodate other bookings, weather conditions or any other circumstance that may require changes to site allocation.
e. No refund will be given for change of mind, circumstances, or bad weather. If guests leave early for any reason, there is no refund or credit for the remaining nights.
f. Deposits secure the booking for the stated dates - these cannot be altered without written approval. Guests must pay for the entire period booked on arrival, regardless of arrival or departure date.
g. Many of our bookings for peak season are made 6-12 months in advance. Requests for minor changes to your booking must be submitted and approved in writing no less than 3 months in advance.
h. Requests to postpone, cancel or reduce booking arrival or departure dates without approval will result in forfeiture of your deposit. The site will be made available to other guests to be rebooked.
i. Deposits cannot be transferred between sites, booking dates or campers. The primary guest for each site must complete the check-in process and is responsible for all fees incurred by campers on their bookings. A deposit paid by one primary guest cannot be used by another person, family, or group. If you are unable to camp; but would like someone else to take over your site; your booking will be cancelled and
reallocated to the new primary guest where a new deposit will be required.

Deposit amounts are as follows:
iii. Peak season
1. 1-2 nights: $50* per site.
2. 3 nights: $100* per site.
3. 3+ nights: $200 per site.
4. 7+nights: $400 per site
iv. Off-peak
1. 1-3 days: $50 per site.
2. 3+ days: $100 per site.

*Bookings that occur within a public holiday period/ high season or over 6 months in advance will incur a deposit fee of $200 for up to 7 days and $400 for 7+ days or full fee if total stay is under $200.

2. Rates and Fees

a. Our rates are as follows:
iii. Peak Season
1. $30* per adult (14+)
2. $16* per child (1-13 years).
iv. Off-peak
1. $28* per adult (14+)
2. $14* per child (1-13 years).
b. There is a minimum site fee during peak periods (December-January). Minimum site fees apply to guests who are staying for the duration of the booked period. All other guests that stay for less than the entirety of the booking will be charged as extras.

The minimum site fee* during peak periods are outlined below:
iii. Single site: $65 per site.
iv. Group bookings or more than one site: $85 per site.
v. Anniversary weekend, Waitangi, Easter and Labour weekend are also considered peak periods.
c. There is a minimum 5-night stay for arrivals between 24th Dec and 15th Jan.
d. Powered sites are an additional $5 per site, per night. Please note that powered sites require a camping style plug with RCD.
e. Late checkout fees are $30.00 per site and extend departure until 12pm.
f. Checkouts after 12pm will be charged at the full rate for a one-night stay.
g. Any vehicles, camping equipment or belongings stored or placed on an empty site will incur a penalty fee of $65 per night.
h. We offer a rubbish collection service for household rubbish ONLY. Campers must take all broken or damaged camping equipment home with them. Any trash left on site after departure will be considered dumping and incur a disposal fee of $50*.

*Our rates are subject to change without notice.

3. Balance Payments

a. Deposits are credited to your account and reduce your balance payment.
b. We accept payment of deposits only. Deposits must be paid within 5 days of the booking being placed and paid prior to arrival. Instalments or full payment prior to arrival will be considered deposits and are non-refundable in the event of a cancellation.
c. Guests must pay the balance of their account on arrival. No access to the camp will be given unless full payment is received.
d. Guests arriving late or leaving early must pay for the entire booking at the standard rate for the booking (rate x number of guests staying on the site, not the minimum site fee).
e. Balance payments are calculated based on the number of guests specified when the booking is placed. The number of guests on your booking can be amended up to 3 months prior to arrival. After this, the rate per night is calculated on the number of guests specified on the booking, regardless of whether there are fewer guests camping than expected.
f. Additional guests that are staying for less than the full booking period are considered extras. If you are adding extras to your site, the primary guest must notify the office and pay the relevant fees. Extras do not reduce the minimum site fee per site.

4. Visitors

a. All visitors must report to the office and pay the required visitor’s fee.
i. Visitor fees: $5 per person or $5 per couple with a gold card.
ii. All visitors must park their vehicles in the DOC car park or fit on your site.
iii. Our facilities are at maximum capacity over the Dec/Jan Period. As such, visitors on New Year’s Eve are not permitted.

5. Additional Information

a. All vehicles MUST hold a current electrical warrant of fitness, where applicable. It is the responsibility of vehicle owners to ensure their vehicles are compliant prior to arrival.
b. Check-in time is from 11am.
c. Departure time is 10.30am sharp. All checkouts after this time will incur a late departure fee of $30.00 per site.
d. After checkout, there is no access to the park or its facilities.
e. Guests are required to notify the office as they are departing and pay the outstanding balance of any fees incurred.
f. We are often fully booked during peak periods, far in advance. As such, we do not allow campers to book more than one site just to store extra gear. Our sites are already generously sized. Campers must fit all gear, cars, boats, and trailers on their site. There are no ‘spare’ sites to store excess gear and requests to do so will incur additional fees.
g. Showers require 50 cent pieces (1 minute* per coin) and are available at the office.
h. Washing machines and dryers require $2 coins, also available at the office.
i. No boats are permitted on the top sites.
j. There is a noise curfew of 10pm. This is a family camp where courtesy and respect are vital. If you wish to party, Treasure Island is not the park for you.
k. There are camp dogs onsite. Guests are not permitted to bring any pets.

Payment information:
Treasure Island
06 0493 0456072 00

Booking reference: Please use the booking number found on your booking confirmation. If you do not have one, please use the name of the primary contact on your booking. Please note that booking references must be copied down on your bank transfer. Additionally, bank
account names are often different from booking names. Please check the booking name is correct when transferring deposits. If we cannot match the payment to a booking, your booking may be cancelled without notice.

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